We are here to flip everything and save our planet

CAgainst strict, we are liquid and flowing fast.
Ask yourself “Why?”. Flip your life.
We are Flip&Flip. We reuse materials to create unique products.
We are going to flip everything. Why not?

We are here to flip everything and save our planet

We have some basic principles in Flip&Flip ©️

We flip everything

The name of the brand is a statement of intent. We are maverick by nature and we think that everything is could be done better or differently. In any situation of your life, ask yourself the why of things. If you don’t like something, change it. Open your mind and look at things differently. If the first time we saw a truck tarpaulin scrap we would only have seen a waste, we would not be here today.

Our planet resources are limited. What about we make them infinite?

Unfortunately our planet is not infinite, and it’s our responsibility to leave it in the best possible conditions for the future. 80% of the environmental product impact is caused by design step. We are aware of this, so our creative process begins with the search of materials rejected by the industry, to transform them into a new products. This is how we avoid 90% of the use of new resources on the planet. We still have to improve to try to reach 100%.

We design products looking for the "WOW!"

It would be useless to recycle materials if the products that we created with them was not liked by the people. We believe that it’s not enough to be sustainable, so we put all our effort on our design process to create functional, unique and attractive products. We want that when someone sees a Flip&Flip product say: "Wow!"

Buy less. Buy better.

Durability of our products is a transcendental aspect for the impact that its cause on the environment. Truck tarpaulin is a very strength material (watch the trucks). In addition, our products are handcrafted in Spain by experienced craftsmen who take great care in every detail. We are aware that in this way our costs are higher, but if you compare the cost per useful life of our product, finally the good products are cheap.


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