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If we flip everything Why not? This is how our story began

In 2016, two young designers from Fuentes de Ebro, a small town near to Zaragoza, Spain, observed the world with some dissatisfaction. At the University, we had heard that it's estimated that 80% of the impact caused by a product to the planet occurs in the design process. So, as creators of products, we felt ourself responsible of the worrying future of our planet and we thought, if we flip everything? What at that moment seemed crazy was the born of Flip&Flip.

Everything was born in 2014, from a Career Final Project:

“ Materials have a life of its own, I discovered it when I was studing Industrial Design. Years later, in a second- hand store, I was struck by the amount of waste generated by human beings. I discovered that these materials were useless for their main function, but if you opened your mind and looked at them with different eyes, they could be useful to fulfill new functions. We realized that this same problem was occurring on a large scale in the industry. This changed everything. "

We began to investigate and realized that in our area, Aragon, the logistics sector was very developed and there was many companies that produced tarpaulins of trucks and solar protectors. The remnants left over from the production process end up in a landfill waiting for their time. That material was in perfect condition, but it was discarded because it is not useful for their main purpose for which it had been created. Besides, getting rid of them is not an easy task and generates a serious environmental impact.

Why can we do with this? These tarpaulins had 3 main features: waterproof resistant, strength and a story behind that made them unique. And we thought: it's perfect for a waterproof, strength and unique backpack. At that time there were either very functional backpacks but not aesthetic, or backpacks with a very careful aesthetic but with a not very good functionality. As a result, the START backpack was born, a backpack with the perfect balance between function and aesthetics, for those people who like to dress well and want to carry their computer with style. And all this avoiding the consumption of new resources of the planet.

We already had the product and a first design, but we had no idea about the fashion industry, so the challenge was to find who made the product. We had two things clear: it would be made in Spain and that we were looking for a small atelier with familiar people with who we could connect and learn along the way. It took us a year and a few kilometers throughout Spain to find the right atelier. The first answers were: "that can not be done", "that material is impossible to sew", "it will not look good". Finally, in a small town in Alicante, we met Pepe and Reme, artisans with 30 years of love for their work, who dared with it and helped us to build this great family.

From the beginning, we were clear that Flip&Flip is much more than a product, it's a concept for reuses discarded materials by the industry to design new unique, functional and attractive products. Under that premise, new products have emerged and there are still many more to come. The search for new materials to save and new products to develop with them is a continuous process of the day to day of the company.

In December 2016 we launched our brand and started to have our first sales. Step by step, with enthusiasm and effort, nowadays Flip&Flip products walk the streets of 12 countries and are clearly identifiable. They can be purchased in their online store and through some specialized stores.

"Our challenge is to continue growing through design and sustainability. Flip everything to save our planet. This just started! "

Ignacio Berges

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