Recycled materials

We recycle materials to create unique products

We generate a lot of waste everyday, but if the problem is in the industry, it gets bigger. That is why we decided to focus our efforts on helping to solve this problem the industry. Our team is constantly searching for new opportunities to recycle materials thrown away by the industry and create new products with them. In this way, we help companies to manage their waste and on the other hand, we give a second life to the material, avoiding in this way that it generates a negative impact on the planet. We present the materials with which we are currently working:


Material: PVC
Previous life: truck tarpaulin, awning, circus tent

Properties: waterproofness and strength
Origin: local companies from Zaragoza, Spain
Use: body of our START backpack and HANDY backpack

The recycled truck tarpaulin is a PVC tarpaulin recovered from remnants left over from the production process of tents, trucks and other applications.

In the beginning we wanted to recycle used truck tarpaulin, a market that already existed at that time, but during our research process we met Oscar Miñana, who runs Toldos Serrano, a company that produces applications related to PVC and acrylic tarpaulin. He showed us the amount of remnants left over from the production process, which were discarded because they were no longer useful. The material, although it could have some scars from the manufacturing process, was new, so the finish result was going to be much better.

From that moment, Oscar became our best partner, because he shares much of our values and interests in design. Periodically we go to collect the remaining material, to later take it to our warehouse, subject it to a quality control and leave it ready to be transformed into backpacks.


Material: acrilic fabric
Previous life: solar awnings, blinds
Properties: waterproofness and strength
Origin: local companies from Zaragoza, Spain
Use: interior of our START backpack y HANDY backpack ETERNAL cap

The solar awning is an acrylic fabric recovered from remnants left over from the process of producing solar awnings, blinds and other similar applications.

The origin comes from the same sector as the truck tarpaulin. We discovered this material by chance, because as with the PVC tarpaulin, large remnants left over from the production process were also discarded. The attractiveness of this material is its patterns and colors that from that moment are part of the interior of our backpacks. In the case of the caps, the material is subjected to a hot washing process to eliminate a layer that makes it waterproof in order to make it breathable again.


Material: recycled leather fiber
Previous life: leather
Properties: flexibility and softness
Origin: production company from Alicante, Spain
Use: handles of our START backpack and HANDY backpack

SALPAX recycled leather is composed of a minimum of 75% of recycled leather fibers from the tanning process. The material is treated with the same processes, equipment and methods as the genuine leather, that is why it has a incredible flexibility and softness like the most select leather.

This material is certified with the OEKO TEX ® Leader Standard seal, a global reference in the ecology test, which testifies that it does not emit harmful substances in quantities above the established limits. In addition, the company adheres to the United Nations Global Compact that commits to principles of human rights, labor and the environment.

We had a hard time finding the perfect material for our handles but for all this, SALPAX is our perfect partner.


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