How Flip&Flip bags are made

How Flip&Flip bags are made

We look for materials to save

Everything starts here. We investigate materials which are discarded by the industry in order to save them and give them a second life. We believe that every old material has a story to tell, something unique that makes it special. Once the material overcome our quality controls and set-up phase, it’s ready for a new life. Due to this process, our products have scars and imperfections of their previous life, that's why no two products are the same.

We design unique products

We know that if the product is sustainable is an added value, but if it’s not well designed, it will be useless. The first step is to analyze the state and properties of the material to determine which product is the most appropriate, once we have it, our design process begins to create a unique, attractive and functional product. The last step is the development of prototypes in the workshop and testing them to finish polishing the product.

We handmade our products in our atelier in Spain

As in the quality of the materials, we put all our effort on the quality of the process in order to the durability of our products is maximum. Pepe and Reme, with their team, have 30 years of experience in this trade. From his workshop in a small town in Alicante (Spain), they put their experienced hands to made each of our backpacks taking care of the details. Having them near to us and happy with our work, is very important to us. After all, we are like a family.


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