Against strict, we are liquid and flowing fast. Ask yourself, "why?". Flip your life.
We are Flip&Flip. We reuse materials
to create unique products.
Let´s flip everything. Why not?

What we do? /

Upcycled products handmade in Spain with reused material.
Because we think everything deserve a second chance.
Just flip it. It's what we do.

Handmade in Spain products with recycled materials.
Because we think everything deserve a second chance
Only we have to flip everything, that is what we do

How we do it? / ¿Cómo lo hacemos?

Each old material have a story to tell us. Something unique, something different. We create unique and exclusive products. We make them one by one with experimented artisans in Spain.
It´s limited editions that is why If you want one of them, you will have to be fast.

Cada viejo material tiene una historia que contar. Algo único, algo diferente. Creamos productos únicos y exclusivos. Nuestros productos están fabricados uno a uno por artesanos experimentados en España.
Son ediciones limitadas, así que s
i quieres uno, tendrás que ser rápido.

There will be more / Habrá más

We can not stop to flip everything.
There will be new materials to save. New products to discover.

No podemos parar de dar la vuelta.

Nuevos materiales que salvar, nuevos productos que descubrir.